Enhancement request: service log and tool to display it with various filters

It would help troubleshooting tremendously if each service had an option to log its input and/or outputs to a “service log”. Then a tool could be provided to display the service log so the developer could see the “stack trace” of services that ran, not the Java stack trace when failures occur, but a trace of services.

For example, you would be able to see which service(s) failed and the reason is failed. And you could view the inputs and outputs of each service in the call stack up to and after that failed service (to see how the error was handled). You could specify a date/time range. You could filter to select one or more packages or folders or services to view. You could specify to see just those services invoked by one or more users. You could specify to just see those services that failed (or succeeded).

As a good example of this feature, NextAxiom provides a “Stack Analyzer” that I continually use when doing work on their platform. It was probably patented at one time, but it may have been 20 or more years ago, and I’m not sure how long patents are good for, but even if it is still under patent, it would be worth it to webMethods developers for SAG to absorb the patent charge in order to provide a similar tool for troubleshooting. Or have I missed something and this feature already exists in the webMethods too box?

Hi there,
have you not tried service auditing ?
You can enabled auditing for each service you want to trace and then track them from the IS admin page

Logs → Service

You can choose to redirect the audit to a proper database, refer to the documentation here

In which case you can use the proper service monitoring link from the masthead. You can then filter the services based on the context id of the transaction so that you trace only the services belonging to that one inbound call.


Hi Dick,

in addition to Johns Reply:

Check the Monitor Users Guide for further informations as the audited services will show up in the Service Monitoring section in MWS when enabled like described above.


Thank you John and Holger!
That is certainly good news. I guess I was used to different terminology (like Stack Analyzer) and never put the two together that Monitor and Audit are good names for the same sort of thing. I will be checking those out.
Thank you so much for letting me know!

Just to elaborate further on @Holger_von_Thomsen, as of 10.11 you no longer have to use MyWebMethods (MWS) to monitor your services as the functionality is now available directly from your Integration Server. You just need to make sure that you installed the WmMonitor package and the UI will be available directly from your IS admin page. No MWS required.

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