Enforce both SSL certificate check and Username/Password for IS Clients

Hi All,

Actually in webMethods Integration Server, can we enforce both SSL certificate request and Username/Password for the clients invoking web services provided from IS?

AFAIK, we have only 3 options:
1.Request for Certificate
2.Require certificate

Kindly confirm on this, so that we i can inform my client.


No I don’t think its possible to select both actions/request options in parallel.

Is that you are asking about?

Ok. Yes you are right. Can you tell is there anyway we can justify that(Since this client is bit crazy :))?

There are no other options to work in parallel…per the product design…can’t you convince them?

Yes, Not only per product design, in any product(SAP,IBM, Oracle) or programming(Java, .net) we cant implement both https and header authentication simultaneously in transport layer. Totally overpowered and they finally agreed. :slight_smile:


Make very sense: