Encryption options on the IBM Mainframe


Anybody did ENCRYPTION POC’s recently because I tried to search the SAG-L archives and all you get back from Paul Bixby is :

The archive files could not be accessed, either because the list does not have web-accessible archives or because they are being updated. If you know that the list has web archives, please try again in about 30 seconds and report the problem if it persists for more than a few minutes. The file that could not be opened is “E:\LISTPLEX\UARKEDU\LISTS\SAG-L\SAG-L.LOG2006A” and the error code was “2 (No such file or directory)”.

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Got feedback from Paul Bixby as follows :

Ah. Ok. Thanks for the screen shot. I’m playing with it and all looks fine. But since I’m an owner of SAG-L , I don’t always know what y’all are seeing. Let me get this to our folks and I will let you know.