Encoding in new API

How to set encoding to windows-1250? in new API ? By setContentType? It does not work in my classes mayby someone has any example/experience and would like to send or post it.
Thank You

Hi,in Tamino2.2.1.3,there are encoding function.but in new API in Tamino3.1.1,there are not anything to explain about it.It’s serious.
Who can give me the answer?because i heard that Tamino deal with utf-8,but it couldn’t abandon using any other encoding.

As long as you deal with Java Strings, there is no encoding issue, they store any Unicode. Encoding is interesting, when you serialze a Java document to a byte stream or similiar - this is, when you need to choose the encoding, you like to have, with the apropriate Java methods.
FYI: XML documents are transfered to Tamino and received back from Tamino by the Tamino API for Java in utf-8.

Hope this helps!