Enabling process on a cluster disables it on another cluster


We recently came across a very strange issue. We started the migration from wM 8.2 to 9.9 and we have a process which needs to be active on both environments.
The process has version 1 on the 8.2 cluster and version 2 on the 9.9 cluster. If we enable the process for execution (by using wm.prt.model:enableProcessForExecution) on the 9.9 cluster, then it gets disabled on the 8.2 cluster and vice-versa. How can this happen? What could these processes from two different environments have in common? All internal databases are different from each other on 9.9 vs 8.2.

IS settings for

  • 9.9 servers:

    • Fix level: IS_9.9_Core_Fix11
    • WmPRT version:
  • 8.2 servers:
    - Fix level: IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix18
    - WmPRT version: