Enabling Http Server in Apama for external components consume data from apama


In Apama stream object , I will be maintaining the real time GPS position data. When the user send request to retrieve the list of assets inside the location, I should be able to manipulate it from the stream and send the data back to the user.

I dont want to store this data in database as this request should be processed on demand basis.

Is that possible to enable Http server in Apama for external components to consume data from apama via REST?

Could you share what version of Apama you’re using?

If I understand correctly your question is how to expose an HTTP REST server from the Apama Correlator? Since 9.10 connectivity plug-ins would be our recommended way of adding connectivity liek this to your application. We ship some sample code (written in Java) for an HTTP server connenctivity plug-in in Apama\samples\connectivity_plugin\java\HTTPServer which would be a great starting point for this.