Enable Model in WM6.5.1 without Monitor?

Hi out there,

does anybody know how to enable a brand-new model on a webMethods server without having the Monitor /Portal installed?

Thank you in advance.

Regards bronsky

Yes, you can go to the Process Run time tables on the Database and make the columns to ‘1’(enable) rfom ‘0’(disable)

You can invoke the service wm.prt.monitor:setModelEnabled, to invoke a particular model or wm.prt.debug:changeAllModels to enable all the models


The modeler will not work without the Monitor.
The Monitor is the administrative tool for the process models and interacts with the PRT. Also the flow service suggested is in the Monitor package.
The Monitor also suspends / controls data flow in a process model at run time.
Resubmission also happens through Monitor.