Enable delete for business process

In MWS, Administration > Process> Business Process. The checkbox on the left of each process will be greyed out if the process has been used. Is there any way we can enable this checkbox by deleting all the related records in the database? I have delete all the wmprocess-related tables but the checkbox is still not enabled.

Any suggestion?


You can use Data Managment -> Archive section to either archive or delete failed/completed instances.

Once all instances of the process are cleaned the button will be enabled.

Catch in this is, in case a process is in suspended/stop/cancel status then this procedure would not work as it does not support to delete these process instances. We had same issue and have already asked SAG to give some solution for this.

Workaround which you can test on your local setup :

  1. Try wmprt services to set status of process instances to failed / completed irrespective of what status they have now.
  2. Now use delete process instances option in Data Managment -> Archive section