Empty body on SMTP send with MIME stream

Hi all,

I’m trying to send a simple MIME message (using the sample provided in WMSamples) using the pub.client.smtp server and the mimestream parameter. The created MIME stream looks good but when I look at the received e-mail, the body is empty and the MIME contents are not there.

Any clues on what can this be? Searched the forums but didn’t find anything.

Thanks a lot!

On top of that apparently everything that I define in the mime object (e.g. Subject) gets ignored. The subject is only populated correctly if I use the ‘subject’ parameter in the smtp service.

I’m pretty sure the MIME construction is correct (I’m using the service in WmSamples) and that the problem is not in the gateway (mailhost)

I am also facing same issue… SMTP service has sent a mail successfully but mail body is empty. though subject is coming properly.

I am sure about mimeStream is coming correctly.
Please let me know soln on this issue.

plz let me know soln on same ASAP…