Emailed Counter

I am trying to write a script which can be called from CRON to email me the hits of a particular site once a month.

This is the first time I have used Unix Shell’s so please bare that in mind when responding.


Hi Philip,
I read your post. You made a statement, but forgot to ask a question.

Writing Unix shell scripts and calling them from WM is fine. Be sure to return something from your shell script if you want determine success or failure.

So what’s your question?

Jim Palmer

Hmm, yea.
I meant to ask how do I do this ?

I have a little PHP script which stores the page count in a .txt file.
So, I guess its a matter of looking that up and sending it via email, I just dont know the commands or the syntax.
Another problem I have just realized is that my SysAdmin will not allow access to the Unix prompt, though they do seem to allow CRON jobs to be scheduled.

Any help would be appreciated.