Email Listner will not process email wattachment

We have a E-mail client listener defined for a lotus note mailbox using IMAP and are picking up several E-mails and processing attachments. We have a new company sending an E-mail with attachment, and when it comes into the mailbox, webM stops sweeping the mailbox out. If I remove the E-mail, detach teh attachment and attach it to an E-mail myself and send it through, it will work (After restarting IS to get the listener working again). It appears to be something with the E-mail from this ISP is “hanging up” the listener. Has anyone experienced this before? Why might an E-mail stop the listener? What steps might I take to get the listener to process this E-mail?

I think reading the body of an email works like this:
You define a variable and assign all the values to that in the email body and in the flow input parameter will be your variable name.
from: xyz
Body: var1 = content (could be any text)

In the flow you take input as a var1, you will see the values in pipeline in the variable var1.

  • When you send an email to IS that time your email format must be set to plain text not rich text or HTML.

I hope this will work.


Yea till here its ok…
Wat is next ??
how to read its contents ??? urgentttt…

Thanks in advance…

Shan k,

We have explained the procedure in all posts that you have posted.Again same question is repeated.

When email fired to IS that time your email format will be text/plain and you will see the contentStream object(email body content) in the pipeline(you can check this use getTransportInfo). So convert this contentStream (,pub.string:bytesToString),and this string extract the content,further down do what ever the requirement says.


Yeap !!!

ITS working fine… i made a small mistake in mapping …
now i am very much able to write the pipeline to a file.

But the file is getting over written everytime a new mail arrives.
any way to over come thiss ??

Thanks in Advance

I have another problem here. It seems that the Email Listener will pick up emails that are sent externally (from outside the company) however, it will NOT pickup/process emails sent from the internal network. Any idea why? I have an open SR on this as well…

Correction - it will not process emails from the internal network WITH an attachment - it will evaluate an email that has no attachment. I’m guessing it’s a mime-type issue. What do you all think?