Elements in dictonary order


I have a case where I have to insert an element/string in dictonary order(in the existing list). My case is an XML array. Can some body suggest an easy solution for this ? Let the solution be in the string list or recordlist. I can convert to the respective form and work.

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To make sure I understand, you’re trying to force a particular order of the elements in an XML document? For example,

should be created like this:

Is that what you’re trying to do? Maintaining element order isn’t something that the XML specs prescribe so a parser is free to report elements in any order (though in practice, elements are reported/processed in the order they appear in the document).


Thanks for the response.

I am not trying to sort the element order. I have a document with elements in dictionary order. I have to insert a new element into the document without disturbing the order. I would like to know how can I achieve this.

I am working on WM 7.1.2 Integration Server.


Hi Srinu,
Dictionary will have a sorted order, isn’t it?
You can add new elements at the last of the list (document or string list) and then sort the list. it will give you the same dictionary order. I think Reamon had a post on this sorting utility. You can search for it in this forum.