EJB client adapter implementation options

The Enterprise and B2B EJB adapters use the jars specific to the Ejb container in question.The concern at our organization is of having these jars(not deployed bean) deployed out of Websphere server into the webmethods server.The concerns are deployment/licence specific and also from a perspective that there would be a dependency on any version upgrade of the websphere server.What i am looking for is an option that allows me to make EJB calls without having to use these specific jars from the container.Is there another adapter(possibly JMS) that can be used in this fashion.Also, can someone advise on the possibility of a custom adapter, and if at all a client can be written which just needs the deployed bean and makes calls to the EJB.I know the j2ee api would be needed but let’s get these questions answered first.Thanks

I’m not a legal expert, but rather than move the jars to webmethods, I would leave them where they are and point to them via the webmethods classpath. This way they’re always up to date if you upgrade the websphere jars. In either case I would think you’d be allowed to use the jars in order to create a client to connect to the container.