EJB Adapter CommunicationError

I’m connecting EJB Adapter 4.2 to a WebLogic 5.1 server on AIX. Both, the WebLogic and the EJB Adapter are installed on the same physical machine, the webMethods Broker is running on a remote machine accessible from the network.

I was finally able to configure the EJB Adapter and it finally started in the adapter_config tool (it’s green). Yippie…

HOwever, I CANNOT create any Configured Operations for that Adapter - no matter which template I choose, I get a javax.naming.CommunicationException!

What’s happening?! Is this process attempting to connect to the EJB container and find the list of beans?! What would cause the Communication exception, in Enterprise Integrator when the Adapter starts right in the Adapter Config tool!?

Could this somehow be related to the UserID/Password combination I’m using? How exactly does this UserID/Password need to be defined in WebLogic?

Please help - we’re in a crunch…

what version of JDK are you using to run the adapter?


Sub: Facing problem in coonecting to weblogic 5.1

Alias settings :

Intial context factory : weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory
provider url : t3://localhost:7001
JNDI : Default
OS : windows-2000

settted the classpath to weblogicaux.jar,sp11,sp11boot,classes.zip

jvm : JDK 1.3.1[both weblogic and webmethod IS]

With these settings when i ma triying to connect to weblogic it is giving the fallowing error

it is unable to instaniate the wlintial context
psl any boby can help me out

Thnaks in advance
yahoo -chat: haridasa_patil@yahoo.com

Error :2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] ERROR - [BASEJBA.1000.0014]
MyConnection.open - ‘new InitialContext’ threw this: type(javax.naming.NoInitial
ContextException), msg(Cannot instantiate class: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextF
actory )
2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] ERROR - [BASEJBA.1000.0015]
MyConnection.open - previous exception wrapped: msg(java.lang.ClassNotFoundExcep
tion), rootCause(weblogic/jndi/WLInitialContextFactory )
2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] INFO - [BASEJBA.5000.0003]M
yConnection.open - exit, returning false
2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] INFO - [BASEJBA.5000.0009]A
liasTestImpl.test - getConnection returned this(com.wm.pkg.ejb.MyConnection@3af0
2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] ERROR - AliasTestImpl.test

  • found null or closed connection
    2003-06-08 13:23:09,906 [B2B HTTP Handler] INFO - [BASEJBA.5000.0011]A
    liasTestImpl.test - returned from releaseConnection()

Where are you setting the classpath?
In the environment before running server.bat?
If so did you make any changes to server.bat?
Inside server.bat?
Where did you put the WebLogic client jar files?
What version of IS and the EJB Adapter are you running (including SPs)?
What directory contains the jar that contains the javax.naming classes?
How are you testing the connection?
Is it via the Web page of the IMDK package?
If so, can you just try using the connection to see if it is just a problem with the test connection logic?

Hai shanthi,

I am settinng the classpath in server .bat
i placed in prepandclasses weblogicsp13,weblogicsp13bootjar are placed in is\lib
and weblogicaux.jar,classes.zip are placed in is\lib\jars
I ma testing connection in admin login test coonection in alias settings

pls help in establishing the connection between IS server and weblogic5.1