EJB 1.2 Error


I have created new alias for the EJB connection. The Test is successful.
But when I Browse Server, I am getting the following error,

Unable to get bean list: A communication failure occurred while attempting to
obtain an initial context using
the provider url: “iiop://brdt86075.orange.co.uk:2809”. Make sure that the host
and port information is correct and
that the server identified by the provider url is a running name server. If no
port number is specified, the default port number 2809 is used.
Other possible causes include the network environment or workstation network

Do we need to create new configuration for the ejb server, so that we can access the ejb’s through the adapter ?
Please let me know any clues on this.

Thanks in advance.

Details of the environment:

Integration Server: 6.0.1
EJB adapter : 1.2

Hi Naveen,

Which version of WebSphere are you using 4.x or 5.x? What is your IS 601 service pack level SP1 or SP2? Where is your deployed bean jar file?

With IS 601 SP2, you have to follow a different procedure for the EJB installation - not mentioned in the EJB Install guide.


Hi Siva,

I am using WebSphere 5.0 and the service pack is SP2.
The deployed bean jar file is in /server_directory/lib/jars folder.

Could you let me know what is the other procedure I should follow to install the adapter.


You can confirm your WAS5 name server is installed correctly on port 2809 by:
C:\Java\WebSphere\AppServer\bin>launchClient.bat C:\Java\WebSphere\AppServer\samples\lib\TechnologySamples\TechnologySamples.ear add 1 3

If this IBM sample program gives you same error, you had to re-install WAS5(install option: Full Install).

Also make sure yourEJB.jar is in /server_directory/lib/jars folder.

I tested and it worked with WAS5.00.