Eform for BPM

Hi Experts,

When I am trying to create document in webMethods IS version 9.6 through Microsoft 2013 Eform template,
getting warning message saying, Broker not able to create fields in the document.

Attach is the error for more clarity.

Ajitesh – See the below details in pub-sub guide:

The Broker prohibits the use of certain field names, for example, Java
keywords, @, *, and names containing white spaces or punctuation. If you make a
document type publishable and it contains a field name that is not valid on the
Broker, you cannot access and view the field via any Broker tool. However, the
Broker transports the contents of the field, which means that any other Integration
Server connected to that Broker has access to the field as it was displayed and
implemented on the original Integration Server. Use field names that are acceptable
to the Broker. See Administering webMethods Broker for information on naming
conventions for Broker elements.


Hi MR as173d,

Thanks , have got the issue why elements inside document were not getting visible , as when I am trying to create document from InfoPath Template, it is creating with ‘:’ in the field names.
That I resolved by unlinking the source ie setting Linked to resource as False.

But doing so will not allow me to use the document in process start step to trigger eform related process.

Will you please suggest, how should I create document so that elements which are not allowed shouldn’t come at the first place from InfoPath template .xsn file. (Change .xml to .xsn)

eform.xml (4.64 KB)

Hi Ajitesh,

Let me see if I can help you here.

First a question: It is not clear what your use case is, i.e. how do you plan to use the IS document once you create it from the InfoPath template?

Having asked that, then let me describe the intended use of the created IS document. Specifically, that IS document is intended to be used within a BPM process. And in that use case, all fields within the document (even those fields that the Broker only transports) are accessible within that BPM process.

And to specifically answer your question, there is no way to create an IS document from an InfoPath template without the elements that Broker can only transport.

I hope that answers your question, and provides clarity as to the expected usage.

all the best,

Hi Mike

I am trying to invoke a business process, by placing E-form instance in the repository. IS document which I am trying to create from Infopath template will be used as a start message step in the business process.

But when I am trying to use this document in Business Process and placing new instance file in Eform repository , I am getting error document not recoginsed.

So based on that I thought since value in the document which is getting created using Infopath template are not visible to broker causing it failure.

Will try triggering process again and will post the update

Thanks Mike for clarifying the actual doubt which I had