Editing JDBC Adapter 6.0.2 Connection Name

Is there any way to edit the name of the JDBC adapter connection name. I don’t want to create another connection. I want to use the same connection with different name. Any answer close to this will be useful. thanks.

As far as I know, this is not possible in 6.x IS. Perhaps, you can easily change the adapter name in the exported zip file adapter ndf file. But, each configured operation has a link to this adapter name in the operation node with enccryption.
I heard there are some third party packages to change this (seen some threds here).

You could “copy” your existing connecting via the HTML administration interface of the JDBC Adapter [and give it a new name]. then you would have to use the service pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection to change your existing Adapter Services to point to the new database connection you “copied” above.

Once you’ve pointed all existing services to the new_name_connection you could delete the old one.


Yes, you’ll have to create a new JDBC Adapter. After that, you’ll have to migrate all of your adapter services and notification services to point to the new JDBC Adapter.

JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 FP1 has services to change the adapter that the services point to.
It won’t do customSQL though, so there are situations where you’re stuck using the old connection.