Hi Everyone,

We are facing an issue where EDIINTs from our AS2 Partner (Ariba) are failing in TN with error :: “processed/error: insufficient-message-security” (see attached).
The flow broke after we changed our internal SSL certificate. Although partner (Ariba) has confirmed that they have also installed our certificate chain their system still the issue is happening.

Kindly provide your inputs to troubleshoot it further.


Hi Ankit,

This error would occur when there is a mismatch between sender and receiver side expecting plain/signed/encrypted.
Could you check on both sides in Trading Partner Profile > Extended Fields > EDIINT > SMIME Type values are just the same?

With warmth,
Durga prasath Madhavan

Thanks Durga prasath !!!

The issue was at Partner side where they replaced our signing/encrypting certificate as well. However the activity was to replace the SSL certificate only.