EDI Attribute extraction with 601

I noticed that 6.0.1 seems to extract some data from EDI documents now when processing in TN.

Anyway, we’re doing 4010 X12, and have found that regardless of what the ISA15 is (T or P) the “EDI Processing Mode” gets extracted as “Testing” Seems a little silly to me, but maybe I’m just missing something obvious.

Anyone have any experience with this?


Are you using TPA’s? If you don’t have a setup I think it gets it from the TPA. Try setting your processingMode to Interchange Defined in the TPA for the relationship. If you don’t have one set the change it in the default TPA.

Let me know if that works as I’m working on inbound EDI right now.


We’re not using TPAs, since what they offer was already built for our 4.6 implementation. My understanding was that TPAs were mainly used for creating EDI. The EDI itself looks correct, so I assumed that it would be TPA independent.

This is actually outgoing EDI though - as a final step in my process, I submit my completed document to TN so it can handle delivery and archiving at that stage.

I’ll have a look at setting up a default TPA, and see what that does.



Thanks for the pointer. I switched the default (“unknown/unknown”) EDITPA to “Interchange Defined” for the processing mode, and it picks it up properly from the ISA now.

I guess I should do some reading on the EDITPAs after all

Thanks again