ebXML in Mediator - has anyone done it?

Question from a customer regarding ebXML running with Mediator/Tamino/EntireX is as follows :-

"I need to send/receive non-XML-documents to/from a webmethods system running at a customer site. The documents should be wrapped in an ebMS envelope, it needs to be signed and both sites are required to confirm the receipt of a document, according to ebXML ebMS version 2. Which SAG product do I need ?"

they are trialling Mediator, could someone give an idea as to whether this is possible and with use of xtb?

From your description I don’t see a problem.
I’m not sure you need to ‘wrap’ the non-xml payload in the ebMS envelope as the spec allows for multipart messages, which mediator happily handles.
You are correct that you’ll need the security toolbox to do the signing / verification.

- arp

Hi Barry,

Arp is correct regarding the support for attachments. ebXML was one of our use cases for when building the attachment support into Mediator.

The XTB signing and verification functions are available as supported components in Mediator 7.3.1 and you should be able to meet te requirement easily.

Best regards,

Does Tamino support ebMS ?