Eanbling and disablling process models

I promoted newer version of our process models. It went successful and we can see the new version 2 of both the inbound process and the outbound process in QA. But they are still in disabled status and I do not know how to enable them.

We would ideally like to enable them, make sure version2 works and then disable version1. Currently I cannot enable version2 or disable version1 when I click the edit button (even when I am logged in as Administrator). See the attachment for screen shots. Any help to put me in the right direction will be appreciated.


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In MWS, Admin section, you can find your models and enable/disable them.


That is my original question. I am unable to enable / disable via Administration in MWS. My attachments to the original post shows that clearly.


The user you are using doesn’t have the permission to do that. your first screen is taken for Administrator, the second is for Siva. Does Administrator work?
Check Data permission and Functional permission settings.

I assume you are logged in as Administrator in MWS. Can you re-build and upload your process model. Make sure you delete the older version of process model which is already uploaded.

Post your comments…

I appreciate your replies trying to help me. I still have the issue. As I am trying my best to explain it clearly, I am logged in as Administrator, and I cannot modify (enable or disable the new or old models). Deleting the old model at this time is not an option for me. I would like to test version2 and then delete version1, when I feel confident that version 2 passes all testing scenarios and works well. I am willing to disable version1 if I am able to disable.

I have attached a new document tech_comm_attachment_3.docx for you all to see.

I will like to keep receiving your feedbacks.

Thanks again in advance.

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Siva-- If possible try to take the version2 back-up, delete the models of version2 and create once again. I hope there might be issue in creation of models. I am not sure, just suggestion.