E-One connection could not be enabled

Issue in enabling E-one connection in webMethod

Connection Type Oracle EnterpriseOne Connection

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource JDEConnections.unicem:E810_LocalTransaction.
[ART.118.5063] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to start connection JDEConnections.unicem:E810_LocalTransaction: after 1 attempt(s).
Exception occurred while validating role and/or environment in Java Connector Login method:Unknown return code from role validation: 12
com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.ServerFailureException: Exception occurred while validating role and/or environment in Java Connector Login method:Unknown return code from role validation: 12
at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.loginBase(Unknown Source)
at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.loginBase(Unknown Source)
at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.login(Unknown Source)
at com.psft.xpi.adapter.erp.classloader.ERP9ConnectorAbstracter.getSession(ERP9ConnectorAbstracter.java:239)
Can you please help us out

Hi Chaitra,

please provide your IS version, your E-One Adapter version as well as the applied fixes for IS, ART, E-One Adapter?

Please check if you have the correct E-One API applied to your Adapter.


Hi Holger,

Here are the details:

IS Version:9.6
E-One Adapter version :8.98
Applied fixes for IS, ART:
WmART - WAR_9.6_Fix1
WmJDBCAdapter - JDBC_6.5_Fix39

Note: the same connection work’s well in Dev environment , when i tested in QA the connection is not enabling though all fixes/jars are same across both the environments.

Hi Chaitra,

you should consider updating your FixLevel.

Latest Fixes are:

Please note that these Fixes might require additional fixes to be applied too.
These are mentioned in the readmes of the fixes.

Additionally there are two Fixes for EnterpiseOne Adapter 8.98 available.


Hi Holger,
In that case even in Dev environment the connection should have similar issue isn’t it?

Why only in QA we have this issue?

Note: Both Dev and QA have similar fixes!


Hi Chaitra,

are you sure that both connections have identical values?

Please check for leading and trailing blanks in the values.

The error message comes either from API or from E-One server.

Similar, but not identical?


hi hogler,

Both connections have identical values!
We cross verified again, there are no trailing blanks in the values.


I assume you are trying to enable this as first time in your QA?

Can you please check if any jar file associated to E-one adapter are there in QA env similar to your dev configuration?

There is a possibility may be some thing is missing your dev (working) vs qa (not working)