DynamicSQL - Fail to Convert internal reprasentation ERROR

hi all,
I am writting Dynamic adapter service and i have written query like this.
" select sname from student ${DynmicPart}" and I am running the service. It is asking me input for “DynmicPart” for that I am passing “where M1 > 35”. Actually it has to generate query like " select sname from student where M1 > 35".
But it is giving error stating that
(17059)Fail to Convert internal reprasentation and
generating query like
" select sname from student where M1 > 35"."
pls help me how to avoind that “.”(DOT) at the nd of query.

What version of the JDBCAdapter are you using, I’m having the same problem.

OK, I got it now … basically the documentation is not clear enough.

Here is my setup:

//Note: I preferred to pass the whole sql with variable substitution for more control
For you, the string mapped to the sql field would be:
select sname from student where M%level% > %numb%"

My Dynamic configuration is as follows:

  • SQL: {sql}
    //NOT THAT IT IS NOT “{sql}”, so don’t use quotes nor ‘;’.

  • NO input JDBC Types:
    //No need since you are taking care of it from flow

  • OUTPUT JDBC Types: (VARCHAR, java.lang.String, sname)
    //I was missing this OUTPUT JDBC Types which was causing my error.

  • maximum row: 0

  • Result Field: // left this blank, since selects return -1 update count

  • Result Field Type: Integer/String does not apply when

Execute and your results should look as follows:


  • results[0]
    • sname (name1)
  • results[1]
    • sname (name2)
  • results[2]
    • sname (name3)

Try it this way and they you can try moving the SQL into the Adapter. I don’t believe the convertion is the problem, since I got the same error w/o parameters.