DYNAMIC variables in the reporting mode


Whether it is possible use DYNAMIC variables in the reporting mode?

I need remove spaces from alpha variable and write it to a file.

When I try this code

WRITE (01) 'some_text' *TRIM(MECS1) ' some_text.'

I get the error message:

“NAT0302 Element in WRITE/INPUT statement does not fit on 1 line.”

Without *TRIM function data is written, but with spaces.

Thanks in advance!

Question. Do you mean “strict” Report Mode? Or what I call “mixed mode” (SAG calls this structured data mode).

You can definitely have dynamic variables in mixed mode.

Have you tried PRINT rather than WRITE? or a COMPRESS?

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Thank you for your reply, Steve!

I using the “strict” Report Mode.

With PRINT problem is gone.

Many thanks!