Dynamic SQL

hi all,

i want create a Dynamic SQL.
the Query will be like this.

“Select field1 form TableName where field2=blank”

but here i have to pass the TableName as an input as i am getting this TableName from the output of another adapter service output.

i know that i have to take two inputs as TableName and field2 and output as field2.
i ahve given the same names what i have given in the Query
but its giving error.

i think the query format what i am giving is not correct.
can u plz help me out in this by giving me the query.


What you can do is first create a dynamic sql adapter service with the following syntax “select field1 from {selectclause}” and also create the output parameters.
In the flow service after getting the table name from the other adapter service, create a string variable and concat the table name with the where clause. and pass it to the input of this dynamic sql adapter service.
This should solve yr problem.

whats the error?