Dynamic NameSpace


We are consuming a WSDL from GuideWire Integration wherein we are facing an issue with namespace.

when ever the GuideWire team is adding new fields in document. Document namespace is getting changed and its being incremented. we have around 2000fields to be mapped and every time they do change we have to map from starting.

Also both the root Tag and string namespace is getting changed.

Is there any wM inbuilt Service/Solution using which we can minimize the rework?

Note: We are using wM 9.0 version.

Thanks in Advance,
Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Syed,

you can try the following approach:

write a xslt-file containing the replace-rules for the prefix and the declaration
and run this xslt-file with pub.xslt.Transformations:transformSerialXML against your input document.

So you will only have to change the xslt with the new values upon the next changes.

There is (or will be re-introduced) an option that you can specify the namespace prefix upon creating the consumer resp. provider in Designer.

Did you try to check with the GuideWire Team, if they can switch to fixed namespaces?