Dynamic configuration JDBC Adapter

Hi everyone :D:

I have a problem :confused:, let me talk you about it:

I have several servers, they have database DB2, they install the same databases but with diferent information of course.

My idea is for example: if I have a variable called “host” is equal to “WHITE” then going to connect to server1, but if variable “host” is igual to “BLANK” then going to connect to server2.

My idea is just do it with one JDBC Adapter, the reason is the number of servers will grow up, I don’t know exacty will be , so it’s easier to configure parameters
server with WebMethods Services than I create a new JDBC Adapter for each new server.

Could you help me?, is there any service that modify the parameters’ JDBC Adapter?


Based on the information provided what you’re attempting to do isn’t possible and isn’t advisable.

Use 1 or more JDBC adapter connections for each DB server/cluster. Trying to use one connection pool for multiple DB servers is not a good approach. Instead, plan your connection definitions around your integrations, creating the number of connections that balance administration, outages, impact of failures, etc.

Create one jdbc connection for each database (you dont have an option here)… At run time, you can pass the $connectionName by determining in the logic if you want to use DB1 or DB2…


Thanks for you helpful, I did your recomendation and it’s works !!