Duplicate Documents in Document list

Hi All,

I need to delete the duplicate documents for the document list .

Suppose I have list of document.

ID Name Age
2001 ABC 21
2222 XYZ 22
2001 ABX 21

I need only distinct document…means only First and second…

Any Idea…

  1. You might get some idea from the below link

  2. You can search to find out ‘how to remove duplicates from array’ - logic remains the same, it’s just that you have to replicate using different services in webMethods

  3. Works, but may not be ‘the best’ way to achieve what you are looking for!
    First, sort using ps.util.list:sortDocumentListByKey from PSUtilities package
    Create a temporary docList and also a “key”
    Loop over the sorted doclist as input array and start building the the final output array using ‘appendToDocumentList’ after verifying the “key” with previous value in the loop. Just like iteration 0 of the key to be checked with iteration 1 so that they don’t repeat again!

hope it helps!