Duplicate document error

I made a java program that publish multiple documents (multi-threading) to my broker An IS receive the documents with a trigger.
In some case I get the two follings error message :

[8153]2003-12-12 [ISS.0098.0087E] Duplicate document of type:Messages:CommandeCreation with Id:Emetteur2_97 received for trigger:Sagic.trigger:CommandeTrigger.
[8152]2003-12-12 10:51:27 MET [ISS.0098.0030E] Sagic.trigger:CommandeTrigger received duplicate document(s). Error com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.DupeMsgException: com.wm.app.store.TSDupeMsgException: [BAT.0000.0032] duplicate message for store id Sagic.trigger:CommandeTrigger in parent container id TriggerConsumer

I enforce the “_env.trackid” with an unique number, but I lose messages !
Someone can help me ?
Thank you.

Further information :
There error [ISS.0098.0030E] is referenced in "webMethods Integration Platform Error Message Reference Version 6.0.1
" but the advice didn’t solve the problem.


Did you get this resolved… we are also facing the same problem… appreciate your inputs ASAP.


A fix has been released by wM for this issue. We have tried it and looks like our issue is resolved.

The fix is IS602_SP2_Fix102.

Hi All,
We have a requirement to detect duplicate documents on the basis of some document field value and
notify for the duplicate documents.

To test the same, i have created a service which get the input files from a specific
directory and map it to a publishable document.

Now before publishing these documents to the broker, i am setting uuid (enevelope) with a document field value
(i.e. a constant value which is present in all the documents for that field).

The properties set for the trigger to achieve duplicate detection are as given below.

Trigger Properties Set: Exactly once

Detect duplicates: True
Use history: True
History time to live: 1 hours

When i am executing the publish service, all the document are being subscribed by the subscribe service
instead of error/ignoring the duplicate onces.
Where am i going wrong. Please help


Hi Pradeep,

We are facing the exact same problem. Could you please tell us how you fixed yours?

Thanks in advance!