DSP - setting variable value using %value% tag

Hi All,
How do I change a variable value using %value% tag? I see from the documentation (6.5) that there are options in %value% to set a value if the variable is null or empty. Can I check for the opposite? For eg - check if the variable is not empty and assign a null (or any other value) to it.


Hi pc316,
you could try something like the following:

  1. Make sure the pipeline contains a variable, which is null (or empty string, whatever you need). This acts like a “constant” and can for example be inserted into the pipeline in a processing service at the very beginning of the DSP. Let’s call this variable NULL_VAL.

  2. This can then be used in any place you need it as follows: (suppose “hugo” is the variable, that you want to set to null or empty string).

%ifvar hugo -notempty%
%rename NULL_VAL hugo -copy%

A happy new year,

Thanks Lanzelot…that helps.