DSP question

In developer 6.5 I have written a DSP page which calls a service, I want to show the output of that service from one DSP to another DSP when I invoke the DSP.I have created one flow service and i invoked that service using the tag “%invoke%” and %endinvoke%.But i am not able to get the output.Can you tell the procedure?

while invoking the service are you passing the parametes correctly and if so .In the other DSP how you are capturing the ouput and in the service you are invoking are you using the savepipeline to check whether the service is called or not


If you didn’t solve your problem yet, you can do this.
In DSP1 invoke the service
%invoke fullyQualifiedNameOfService%
//Save all the output variables of this service in either html controls or hidden variables in the DSP1 like


When you invoke a second DSP from this DSP1, all the variables will be posted to that DSP. You can simple use %value ControlInDSP1% (%value name1%) in DSP2 to capture these values.