DSP invoke of a WmRoot service

That solution would allow everyone to see the username and password, and I believe that it didn’t work for me when I tried it (to get the package information that seems to be hidden…)

Sooo…what I did as the ultimate fix:
Create an additional service that just calls getServerHost (get server name and port), pub.client.http (to kick off the service). Within the original service, I run getStringTemplateOnPipe, and format the package information in html. The call setResponse to send the html response back to the http call. I then have the output template for the new service as the output received.

Since the http service allows me to login, I am able to get ‘into the server’ which was the underlying problem. So now I just invoke the second service and can get the html results.

Thanks to everyone for there help, and I hope others can use this thread in the future (since most of the fixes would work for everything except of the package list and time stamp)

Hay guys,

I am trying to run the wm.server.query:getCurrentUser from within a DSP to get the name of current user logged in. However since this wmroot service is having ACL as Administrators (I can’t change it) and I cannot use the round about way of calling the service with any other user with the privileges also (since the username returned will be not the one I need in that case). Is there any other way to get current user without assigning the Administrator ACL to all users.


Wrap the call to getCurrentUser with your own flow service ensuring your service doesn’t have an ACL.

By default the ACL is checked only on the top level service of the execution stack. So by wrapping the target service in your own you avoid the ACL check. Execution of DSPs enforces an ACL check on each service listed in your DSP–which again avoids the Administrator ACL requirements.

Thanks Eduardo. That works.
In the mean time, in a desperate attempt, I had modified the execute ACL of the wm.server.query:getCurrentUser itself from ‘Administrator’ to ‘Anonymous’.


Is it possible to call a dsp from a jsp of another package. the login should be one…single sign on
its like login.jsp of package1 should call a dsp from package2 with the same login
any help will be appreciated


I still have problem with dsp. I have a dsp script below:

<title>Untitled Document</title>


<td><em><strong>BOOK TITLE</strong></em></td>
<td><em><strong> DATES</strong></em></td>

%invoke adapters:forview%

%loop forviewOutput/results%
<td>%value BOOK_TITLE%</td>
<td>%value DATES%</td>
<td>%value CONTAC%</td>

Inser new data

<td> </td>
<td><div><em><strong>BOOK TITLE</strong></em><strong>
<td><div><strong><em>DATES :</em></strong></div></td>
<td><div><strong><em>CONTAC :</em></strong></div></td>
<td> <div>

When I run the adapter in developer it running success.The adapter was insert command to database and the other adapter is for view data from data base.

The problem is, the insert adapter was not run when I try to invoke it fro dsp either from IS…

can you tell how… so it can work beautifully



i want to send multiple records to database using DSP.i used Batch insert adapter service to insert multiple records.when i invoke this service from DSP it inserting only the first record.plz help me as soon as possible.

with regards,

Hi Geniuses,

I’m stuck up with a small problem.
I have a HTML page which is in the <package-name>/web directory.
When open this page in a browser, I’m prompted for the username/password which is webMethods authentication.
In this HTML page I have some links thru which I’m invoking other JSP pages.
In one of the link I have to invoke the work flow inbox for a particular user who has logged in to the HTML page. When I click on the link to open the work flow inbox, then a page opens up which again asks me for the username/password before opening the task window of that user.

I want to capture the username/password that the user gives when he logs in to the HTML page first time and then send the username/password combo to invoke the work flow inbox. I know how to send the username/password parameters thru URL to invoke directly the work-flow inbox.
What I don’t know is how to capture the username/password and how to save it so that I can use them for referring to other pages.


1)can you explain me the null and default for map steps?
2)And the exit from loop, flow, parent with success/failure?

1)whats the difference between BRANCH /ouputs and BRANCH /outputs/students?
whats the difference betwwen thses two?
2)whats the meaning of
%lastError/pipeline/startTransactionInput/transactionName% ?

1)whats the meaning of /.+/ if we put this in label of a sequence step?
2) what is variable substitution?
why do we need this
3 )If we put /[^ ]/ in the label step of rollback transaction what does that signify?