dropping runtime variables.


Is there a possiblity of dropping a document list which is created at run time?

I am using the built in service wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments which gets the details of all the documents in a document list. How do we drop the document list once I am done with its usage.

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We can use the clearPipeline:D … Sorry for the truble

There is a trick to deleted variables which are coming in running.
Create similar kind of document in your pipeline and then drop that document in very next step.

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I am sure the trick works for variables but not sure if it works for document itself or not. will be doing some test soon.

More over I am not sure if its a useful trick or a unreported bug. Will expand on this issue soon too.

Ram Challuri

I assume you’re talking about the toDocs or fromDocs variables that are returned by wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments. There’s no trick needed. Just drop the variable in a map step.

Or are you talking about some other variable?

Yes, if there are runtime variables, which do not show up in the pipeline at design time, you can drop them by first creating a var with same name and then dropping it - it’s no trick really… just a straight forward approach.

Alternatively, you can use clearPipeline and preserve the variables you want.