drop response


Is there any easy way in API GW 10.3 to drop the response i get from a native service, I just want to send the response code back to my consumer?

Hi Johnson,
You can use response transformation policy to drop your response. Please go through the below article for more details on the transformation policy


Hi Johnson,

While Request/Response transformation policy is a great way to modify the request/response elements such as headers, query paramters, path parameters, HTTP methods, it doesn’t support modifying/dropping the request/response payload.

For modifying the payload you can use the “Invoke webMethods IS” policy or use the “webMethods IS Service” option under “Advanced Transformation” section of Request/Response transformation policies.

“Invoke webMethods IS” policy is in API Gateway since the beginning, but from version 10.2, the modification of elements such as headers, query parameters, path parameters, HTTP methods, payload etc, has become much more simpler.

Refer http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Invoke%20webMethods%20IS%20policy%20in%20API%20Gateway%2010.2 for more details on this.


Hi Chandrasekaran,

Thanks for your feedback.

I was hoping to handle this without using any IS service for such a relativly easy task, but I will try it out then.

As you mentioned I didnt find any good way to use the trasformation policy for this.