Driving Sustainability with BPM and Process Mining

Regardless of sector or company size, no one can avoid the sustainability mandate. Year after year, the number of unavoidable ESG standards, regulations, legislation, and sets of rules will expand. This may rapidly become complex and daunting, and a minor error can cost you a lot of money. But don’t panic; it doesn’t have to be that awful.

About the event

To reach your sustainability objectives, you have to first identify the essential processes and then modify them to produce better, more measurable results. The key to such a company change is Encevo’s integrated solution, which includes process modeling, mining, risk management, and compliance. In this webinar, together with industry expert Jan Ricken from Encevo we demonstrate how to:

  • create and connect your ESG strategy with your operations
  • benefit from an integrated approach
  • increase efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulations

Learn how to integrate ESG into your operations and make your sustainability aspirations a reality.