Draining outbound document store


I am running a webMethods 8.2 server having the following configuration:

2 physical nodes each of them containing:

  • 2 instance of IS
  • 3 instances of MWS
  • 1 Broker Monitor

Only the Broker on the first physical machine is used.

My second node contains around 1000 documents in IS’s Document Store and every time when I try to push a new document to the Broker the following exception occurs:

 [2539]2011-07-07 13:03:19 CEST [ISS.0098.0064I] Publishing delayed while outbound store is draining. Service 

I order to clear the Outbound Document Store I dropped the content of the following folder: ./IntegrationServer/DocumentStore and I restarted both ISs. After the restart, the files are up again.

Is there a recommended way to clear the store?

Thank you in advance.




  Document Store has couple of data store files that are used by the IS as a temporary buffer while communicating with Broker. For eg: Trigger Document store is used for storing the documents until they are processed by trigger service. 

 I understood, your requirement is just how to delete the Document store. Here you go the procedure to do so. 
  1. Stop IS server

  2. Take a backup of the IS document store folder to external storage

  3. Delete the trigger and audit related files manually from document store folder

  4. Restart your IS.

    Please assist your comments once you done this.



thanks for the reply. I tried the described solution, without success.

Thanks for your time though.