Dr. Watson Error

I am trying to install Tamino and after specifying the path to the license file I get the following error.

An application error has occured.

_INS5576._MP.exe Exception access violation 0xc0000005 address 0x0070302e.

I am running WinNT 4.0 Server with SP6a.

Any light you can shed on the problem is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I believe this is known problem with the Tamino 2.3 installation, and this does not occur with 3.1. You can get around the problem by:

1) installing Tamino without it asking for a license file (setup.exe -IGNLIC_FILE) from a command prompt.

2) once the installation is complete you have to add the license file so that you can use Tamino. Use regedit to add a key under:
HKLM/Software/Software AG/Tamino/Tamino
with the key called :
"license file"
with the value:
"c:\program files\common files\software ag\LKey\ino231.xml"

and copy the license file from the floppy disk to the above mentioned directory. I’m assuming c: drive is where NT is installed, if this is not the case replace c: with the correct drive letter.

Hope this workaround helps but is only applies to Tamino 2.3.


Your suggestion worked!