Download source code of cumulocity app created with App Builder

Hello everyone,
does someone know how can i download the source code of an app created with app builder?

@gianmarcodragonetti, what do you mean by app builder? Are you referring to GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-app-builder: Application builder for Cumulocity. A simple way to combine dashboards into a full web application with no coding.

@Gyan_Awasthi1 hi gyan, yes i mean that. It is an App that allows you to create applications in cumulocity. And I would like to create it and then download the source code.
Anyway, if you don’t know it, can you tell me if you know a method to download the source code of an application inside cumulocity? (i tried, but I manageed to download only the built .zip file)


which app do you want to download in detail? One of the standard apps, so that you can build a customized app out of it?

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Sorry for the delay in answering. If you want to download an application from a tenant either to back it up or move it to another tenant I would suggest the use of the open source Cumulocity Migration Tool

It is a Cumulocity webapp to migrate applications, dashboards, groups, devices, simulators, smart rules, images and managed objects between tenants.

It can be found here. GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-migration-tool: A Cumulocity webapp to migrate applications, dashboards, groups, devices, simulators, smart rules, images, and managed objects between tenants. Developed by Global Presales.

If you are just looking for the source code of the application builder or any oe the open source widgets used they can also be found here.

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Hi Matthew,
thank you very much. But I have another question for you. For example if someone deploy a customized application on a cumulocity tenant and I want to download that specific source code, can I do that using the migrating tool?
Thank you very much.

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Sorry Matthew, but I thought that it would be better to explain the scenario to let you better understand what I want to do. So, we are working on a tenant with another team. They developed an application using the App Builder and me and my team want to extend it and modify it. So we are looking for the source code of that application, but we don’t know how to retrieve it.

When you build an application on Cumulocity in the application builder or cockpit you are leveraging out of the box widgets or ‘custom’ widgets (for a better word). The configuration and dashboards are stored in managed objects. Therefore the developed application is just a series of configurations as you will see in the migration tool. If you need to extend it you can build your own custom widgets and add it to the application builder either by including it in the custom widgets folder and then build and deploy. Alternatively you could build them as a runtime widget that you will find examples on GitHub. If you needed the source of an out of the box widget that is not possible. I am assuming the other team have not modified the application builder source.

I hope that answers your question.

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Thank you very much Matthew. Just one last question.
I don’t understand how can I include my widgets on the custom widget folder of the app builder?

There is a folder called custom widgets and a couple of examples of how to include your widgets depending if they are angular or the old angular JS. It is just about dropping your widgets into this folder, modifying the module file and rebuild.

There is a file called custom-widgets.module.

For angular your add the lines for your widget similar to DemoWidgetModule (2 places):
import {YourWidgetModule} from “./your-widget/your-widget.module”;

and the entry in the NgModule

Angular JS (ng1): just add the line similar to the collada-widget

I hope this helps.


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