Doubts about locale

Hi all,

I’m facing some odd behavior when using math services.
The locale’s IS Server I’m working on is set to PT-BR, and when I invoke any float operation with integer arguments, it returns me the decimal symbol as “.” instead of the expected “,”.
Where IS gets information about the locale, in the O.S. configuration or it has its own rule?


The locale is determined by the JVM/OS. Search the Sun site for info on that.

As for using the float operations, I would caution you about using them. This Ezine article points out the issues and work-arounds. [url=“”]

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately, my java skills aren’t good enough to write my own services.

Thank you anyway.

Understandable, but you shouldn’t use the float services just because you can’t personally create replacements. You will run into rounding and accuracy problems if you use the built-in services. Perhaps you can get a Java jockey to do them for you?

I’ll avoid to use those services till death, you can be sure!
Actually, I started creating the services I need based on the example I found on your article.
There’s only one I couldn’t end:
‘divideDecimals’ because it has another parameter named roundingMode, and I assume that it was stronger than me.
The explanation into java docs aren’t deep enough to make it clear in my mind. Any tips?