Double Messages in broker JMS 7.1 - multiple processing

In the developement with webMethods 7.1 with JMS broker we have the following problem:
In the publication in a JMS Topic : when there are multiple publications which are simultaneous or near we have the random phenomen : the JMS triggers makes multiple execution for the same publication
We respect the rule Exactly-Once Processing for JMS Triggers (§6).
When the publications are separated by time (> 30 seconds t 1 minute), we have not the problem.
We applied the parameter Exactly once / Detect duplicates = true with concurrent mode and with maxThread=5 like a “classical” trigger
We did a restart of the IS but the problem remains.
Here are the IS parameters :

  • 7.1.1 (service pack 1)
    We did not have the JMS Fix1 ? Should it a reason for the problem ?
    Should we install the service pack 2 ?
    Thanks for help
    François Chapuzot

I have the exact same problem.

see post:

everything works fine with local broker triggers and the IS servers using the same client prefix in the broker setting page. but not for JMS