Does Java Heap Settings in server.bat executed when IS is ru

Hi all,

I am using webMethods Integration Server 6.0.2 in Windows XP Pro environment.

There are a few ways to start IS Server i.e.:

  1. Run as a windows service
  2. Run server.bat at the windows command line
  3. Run the shortcut in the Start Menu → Programs → WebMethods6 → webMethods Integration Server.

To change the Java max and min heap, we change the setting in the server.bat file in the \IntegrationServer\bin\ directory.

So, my question is:

Does the server.bat java heap configuration takes place regardless of how we start the IS Server via the three methods state above?

My problem is :

I do not see the Total Memory in the Server Statistic Admin Page being changed to reflect my java heap setting in the server.bat when I start the IS as a windows service.

Need help A.S.A.P. Thanks.

Stephen Yong.

Hi Stephen,

After making the change in server.bat, you need to then execute server.bat with the “-service” command line switch. This updates the Windows registry entry for the Integration Server service to reflect changes in the server.bat file.

Once you’ve done this, restart the IS NT Service and you should see your changes reflected.

Hope this helps.


Steve Ovens
webMethods Professional Services
Melbourne, Australia