Does Integration Server release the thread while sleeping for a while

I am making a call to web service inside a REPEAT step in flow service.
I have set count=3, repeat on FAILURE and time interval to 5 minutes (300 seconds)(as per the requirements documented for my project).

I am kind of not clear that while waiting for 5 minutes, does Integration Server releases the current processing thread available to other resources ?

If I say it in other way, if web service is down and one request will wait to make request again to web service ( 3 times at every 5 minutes = 15 minutes total wait time interval) …duing this 15 minutes, will the thread be bound to the same service or IS releases the thread ?

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.


As far as I know the thread is still taken up by the service until the top level service completes. Although the thread will have minimal CPU time required while it is in the wait state, I think you’ll find that your pool of available threads is missing a thread for that time.

To verify: create a flow service that takes in no inputs, then have a repeat with a high backoff setting, with a call to debug log or something inside the repeat. Invoke it with your browser using /invoke/folder.subfolder/serviceName and open multiple windows or browser tabs… Hit reload a few times in each and then go check out the server stats page. You’ll see the number of theads and sessions etc.

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