Does API Gateway supports request payload in body for HTTP GET method?

I am using API gateway (10.5) which will act as a passthrough only (System A → wM API Gateway → System B)
Front application is sending a GET request and payload in body. Its getting timed out in gateway when sending it to System B.

Anyone idea does gateway supports request payload in body for HTTP GET method?

Hi Amit,

Please take a look of this article and you can certainly capture/extract the GET menthod’s payload by applying certain GW transformation policies etc…


that will not help. Target system needs payload in Body with GET method. Gateway is not sending it forward.

No sure if I am missing something or its just the gateway doesn’t support Body with GET.

Also, i tried to call the pub.client.http IS service that also does not take Get with body. Its going as query parms.

Tha’s true,as mentioned the request payload/body can’t be accessed with GET method other than the query param’s, unless there is some other rude way or totally impossible.

Reason Justification:
The GET request should only receive data (the server must not change its state). If you want to change data on the server, use POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE methods. HTTP GET requests cannot have a message body. But you still can send data to the server using the URL parameters.