Documents without broker

[SIZE=β€œ3”]Hi :slight_smile:

How you will send the documents without Broker?:rolleyes:
And Is Broker necessary to send the documents?:smiley:


You can send/Publish document inside the broker or inside the IS. both is possible.
while you publish a document then you can set the property LOCAL=True/False.
if LOCAL=True then document will be published into the IS (only those subscriber which resides into IS can only use that published document then)and when LOCAL=False then it will be published into Broker.

I don’t want publish within IS i wanted to send document to any outside application without the help of broker.
I thought its possible with trading network but i don’t want to. is there any other possibilities to send a document to outside application.

Write to database using JDBC adapter.
Use pub.client:http to send XML (or other format) over HTTP
User pub.client:ftp to send data to an FTP server
Call a web service

There are lots of ways to send data out of IS without Broker. You will find the wM documentation helpful in achieving what you want.