Documents stuck in Trigger queue


We’ve encountered a situation where the published document is suddenly stuck in the Trigger queue intermittently. When we use the Broker Admin to check, there are multiple sessions. We’ve found other people raising similar problems in the forum but without a final fix or solution. Is there any webMethods fix that could solve the issue. We need help urgently as as we’re moving towards production. We’re using webMethods 6.1
Thanks for any advice!

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Samuel, have you raised this issue to webMethods Support ? You should mention that is critical and impacting your promotion to production.




Thanks, we’ve also raised the issue to webMethods Support but having received any response yet.

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Hello. I’m just following up on the problems mentioned in this thread (and thread ) about documents getting stuck in the trigger queue.

We are experiencing the same problem and my guess is that many others have had this problem too.

Is there a specific Broker service or fix pack to fix this problem ?

We are using Integration Server and Broker 6.0.1.



Did u guys find any solution to the problem mentioned here. We also are facing the similar problem.

Any help will be much appreciated

You should make sure your patches on your Integration Server are up to date. If they are and you still experience the problem, you should open a service request with webMethods.

Any solution on this issue? Which patches are available now to solve this issue?


If it is v6.1, make sure you enable the “Trigger Controls” from admin page ( Settings > Resources > Trigger Management)

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We raised the problem to WebMethods support team and they recommended that we put the SP2 patch on our Integration Server. They said that many of these problems with the triggers are solved with this patch.

Genaro Ortega

We have webMethods 6.5 SP2 and we are facing the same problem, if you found anyother solution please let me know.

the problem was related in JDBC connection pool from our side, this means that the problem is not exists till now with us in webMethods 6.5 SP2.

Any one knows, in which table WM stored “Trigger Controls” details?

Can some one help me- Where WM stored the Broker/Local Trigger Management properties.