Documents missing in Broker Territory

We have two clusters of IS servers, and both are connected to individual Broker Servers, and these Brokers are in a Territory.

The Issue we have now is we see the document published at one cluster, and we do not see that doc at the Subscribing side. As this issue is our production environment we didn’t had visibility to many things when this was brought to our notice by our Client.

Thanks to this issue we got the access to BrokerAdmin of our Production environment, and found out that there is a mismatch in number of times Document published, at Publishing side, and the Number of times Forwards received, at the Subscribing side. We made a note of the difference and looked out for the next occurence of the issue at hand. We had two instances recently, and found out that the difference in the numbers has increased by two.

The document in question is Guaranteed document, but we have no idea where this document has gone.

Anybody had this kind of issue earlier ???

Going through the wMBroker Administrators Guide, found that we have an option of Log Publish Type & Log Acknowledge Type, has anybody used this option ???

Please let me know if any more information is required on this.