Documents lost


I have encountered problems lost for no reason in my production environment. (GASP!!) I am now trying to explain to my users why this has happened to raise their confidence in the product. I need to answer the following questions:

  1. Even though the Broker Server is said to be guarantee delivering documents from 1 end to the other, will there be scenarios in which documents are lost on transit from a publisher to a subscrber?

  2. If an adapter is processing a document in a publishing integration component and the adapter dies suddenly, will the document be lost or will the record still stays in the notification table?

  3. Will Scenario 2 happens for subscribing adapter, ie. document lost when subscribing adapter has picked up the document from its client queue and has started processing and it dies suddenly?

  4. Exactly when will a document be deleted permanently from a client queue (set to Guaranteed)?

I appreciate any views. Thanks in advance.

Tet Cheng

Given that you are in a production environment I would strongly suggest that you contact webMethods Support as soon as possible. They will then be able to ask what platform, version etc you are running, possibly recommend patches and follow this through to a satisfactory outcome. It is sometimes worth getting your webMethods account manager/sales person involved as well, as they can help restore confidence if that is needed and generally help things along.