Documents are not getting delivered to trigger when published!

Documents are not getting delivered to trigger when published!

We have broker 6.5 and when we publish documents to the broker, sometimes all the documents are

stuck in the broker queue and not getting delivered to the trigger.

We have 5 triggers that subscribe to this document that will be published by the broker.

All the triggers are working fine except one. If I look at the client queue of that document,
this trigger has lots of documents undelivered.

I recreated this trigger, but it didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Here is one possibility:

What’s the document type name on the Broker and how does that compare to the “Broker doc type” property of the corresponding IS document type? If they are not the same, then the triggers are not subscribing to the right document type.

I think you mean "the document type name on the Broker " is the name that
you see on WmBrokerAdmin: wmserver1 > Brokers > Broker #1@wmserver1 > Document Types → name of the document.

  1. But, this trigger was working before. Don’t know why all of a sudden documents got stuck in the client queue.

  2. one more question, but not related to the above:
    a. I removed the publishable doc type by ignoring the usagaes, since schema needs to changed. I added some more elements to the schema.
    b. Recreated the document from the schema with the same name.
    c. Made this doc publishable.
    But I don’t know why document names are getting incremented as “_1”, “_2”,… in wmserver1 > Brokers > Broker #1@wmserver1 > Document Types" when I synch the documents from dev.
    I want the same name all the time rather than “docname_1”, “docname_2”,…

Could document retrieval/processing for the trigger be suspended? Go to the Trigger Management page on the IS Administrator: in the Settings section, click on Resources, then on Trigger Management. Find the trigger in question and make sure it says Yes in both of the Active columns.

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The changes you made are why the trigger stopped working and why the queue started filling up. The trigger started subscribing to “docname_1” and the old queue was still there for “docname” but noone was listening.

When you make a document unpublishable or delete the IS doc type, the doc type on the Broker is not necessarily deleted. When you made the updated doc type publishable, IS sees that the Broker already has a doc type of the name it wants to use, so to avoid collision, it appends _1, _2, etc…

To fix this, make the doc unpublishable, delete the doc type(s) on the Broker, then make the doc publishable. To delete the doc type you’ll need to also delete clients that have subscriptions to that doc type. You’ll need to do that for “docname”, “docname_1”, etc. to clean things up.

In the future when making changes like this, you’ll want to follow that same process–delete the IS doc type/make it unpublishable, delete the corresponding Broker doc type, add the IS doc type/update it, make it publishable.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the advise on editing the publishable doc types. That definitely helps.

But there are two different issues.

  1. publishable doc type names getting incremented in number.
  2. Trigger Queue loading up and not delivering docs.

Change to 1. was done in previous release and after that also trigger was working fine. Also there were 3 more triggers subscribing to the same document as this trigger that was queuing up the docs.

We restarted the server and it started working fine for sometime and after that again the document is getting queued up.
We can’t restart the server in production. After restarting the server, will all the queued up docs be processed? So trying to investigate the root cause of this issue.

Doc type names get incremented when they are edited as described above. I’m not aware of any other times when the names get modified like that.

If all 4 triggers subscribe to the same IS doc type, then they will all stop working when the IS doc type is edited and the Broker doc type name is changed. They will all start subscribing to “docname_1” and quit subscribing to “docname”.

IMO, the root cause is the editing of the doc type in IS (making it not publishable) and not deleting the clients/doc types on Broker before making the IS doc type publishable again (in your Dev environment). Without being able to review your environment I’m not sure why things work for a little while and then stop working. In dev, make the edits to the IS doc type such that the Broker doc type that you see in Developer is “docname”. Then migrate that package to prod. That may clear things up.

Has anyone found solution to this? We are also facing the same issue after migrating from Broker 6.1 to Broker 6.5.

The documents are synchronized properly in the broker and new triggers/publishable docs are working fine, but the old documents are not getting delivered. These documents are queued up.

They never will be unless you change the triggers to use the doc type name associated with the queue that is holding them. But, changing the triggers MIGHT destroy and empty the queue (it depends on exactly what the configuration is now and how one makes the changes).

I’d recommend working with wM tech support to resolve this.

Thx Rob for you patience in answering this question. I too had the same prob now. Will try all the ways you mentioned. Will let you know if i need some help.