Document type sent as a JMSMessage

Hi all,

I’m beginner on webmethods and i would like to send a document type as a JMS Message , keep data and insert them in a database.
I created a flow service that publish the document using jms.send and created the JMS trigger and the sevice that handle the document.
The flow service (handleDocument) must keep JMSMessage/body/data and map it to a document Type that have the same payload format.
My issue is on mapping JMS message data to a documentType I dont have any data :?
Is there any service or transformation to do before the mapping ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,

Firstly, do you have a particular reason for wanting to use JMS instead of webMethods Messaging? If you use wM Messaging, it all becomes a lot simpler:

  1. Configure wM Messaging alias in IS admin
  2. Set the IS document type to be Publishable = true (doc type properties)
  3. Publish the message using pub.publish:publish
  4. Subscribe using a wM Messaging trigger
    This is much simpler as you get the document directly in the pipeline, you don’t need to create the queue/topic, you don’t need to deal with JNDI and ConnectionFactories.

If you still want to use JMS, then make sure that on the publish side, you map the document to be published to JMSMessage/body/data when calling the pub.jms:send service.
Your triggered service should be set up to use the pub.jms:triggerspec specification.
Then, in that service, map from JMSMessage/body/data to a new document reference (referencing the relevant doc type) in the pipeline output. To do this, add a Map step, then in the Pipeline view, right-click in the Pipeline Out area and add a document reference, selecting the relevant doc type. Give the document a name and then map to it from the JMSMessage/body/data. Note: If you click away before doing the mapping, then the docref you created will disappear.
If this is still not working, then add a call to pub.flow:tracePipeline at the top of the triggered service and then post the output to this thread. It will help determine whether the message has been published correctly.

Hope this help.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your help, I will test it and will keep you informed of the result

Hi Jonathan,

Could you please share the step by step process for creating a jms trigger, publish the document using pub.jms:send and subscribing for further processing.

Also please let me know the difference between SOAP jms trigger and standard jms trigger.


you should be able to find all the details you are looking for in this guide:

Otherwise you may want to consider one of our training courses, e.g. (611-67E) webMethods Integration Workshop
More details here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jonathan :slight_smile: