Document type creation...

Hi, Is there a way in whcih we can create a document on broker without creatinfg on on developer? Please suggest how to do that.

I think the broker admin API provides a way to do this.

hi rob,
could you please be a little more specific… I am kind of new to webMethods.

Broker provides Java and C APIs. These are documented in Programmer’s Guides and Javadoc which can be found in the _documentation/Broker_and_JMS directory of a 7.1 installation.

The Broker Administrator’s Guide identifies how document types can be created. These include using Developer, the Broker admin client API (more on this below), or My webMethods by adding a JMS topic as a Broker document type.

The Broker admin client API defines a class named BrokerAdminTypeDef. This class provides methods to create, modify or destroy document types (the documentation still uses “event” which was the term used for “document” in previous versions). This would be the class to use to define document types on Broker.

In refreshing my understanding (it’s been a while since I’ve coded anything against Broker directly) I found that the Javadoc indicates that BrokerAdminTypeDef is deprecated but does not identify a replacement (nor could I find a class that looked like it was a replacement). The Broker Java Administration Programmer’s Guide for 7.1 has “Manageing Broker Event Types” as chapter 1, which seems really odd. In the 6.5.2 guide it was chapter 4, after overview, broker server/broker, and broker client chapters.

My guess is that the plan was to deprecate BrokerAdminTypeDef but they decided to back off of that for some reason and didn’t update the Javadoc. It seems that BrokerAdminTypeDef may disappear, possibly in favor of JMS equivalents. But that’s pure speculation.

That’s probably more info than you were looking for. Is there a reason that you don’t want to use Developer to create type defs? Unless you’re using Broker without IS at all, you’ll probably need the type defs on IS at some point.

Hey Rob,
Thanks a lot buddy!!!

Hi Rachael,

Just curious to know, what is forcing you to create broker doc type through Java API and not from Developer ?


Hi Jiten,
Sometime back the requirement from client side specifically said that the doc shud first be created on admin :-(. I was puzzled myself. Still have not been able to figure out pretty well how to do it… Robs explanation is good but as I am very new to webMethods i wud like someone to give me the steps to do it.

whats you mean by doc should first be created on admin ?


That it shound not be created as a publishable document type on developer but on broker first… The we shud use that document type in the development… Got it???

Hi Rachael,

Got it. Thanks for the quick response. But still wondering the logic or rational behind doing this,
Why not to create a publishable document in developer and sync it ?

I think it is fair to say that using Developer is the “official” way to create new document types on Broker. There really isn’t any other good way to do so. Using the Broker admin API as a normal path would be time consuming, error prone and frustrating.

It appears one can create a doc type using My webMethods but that creates just an empty doc type–no fields since according to the Broker Administrator’s Guide “you cannot edit field information in My webMethods.”

In the past there have been other tools to create document types directly on Broker but those have been discontinued.

The “requirement” to create the doc type on Broker first and then pull from there to IS seems odd. I’m not able to think of a benefit to doing it that way. Is there additional information about the rationale behind the requirement?